Have Yourself a Merry Hungarian Christmas

The Hungarian December traditions are an interesting combination of religious Christian celebrations and folk tales that have been passed down from generation to generation.

Debrecen: Must-visit or Must-skip?

Debrecen is with its 201.000 inhabitants the second largest city in Hungary, and while being familiar with so many beautiful Hungarian cities, the expectations were very high when visiting Debrecen!

Tips to travel on a (student) budget

Travelling is great, but let’s be honest, it can be very expensive! From that perspective, Hungary is a great choice as your next holiday destination.

Hungarian Flavors At Home: Almás Pite

Food is one of the pillars of the Hungarian culture, and whereas we may be familiar with the Hungarian roots of goulash, sour cream and sweet paprika powder, what many of you probably don’t know is that sweets and deserts play an even bigger role in the Hungarian gastronomy.

Püspökszentlászló and its Blooming Bishopric

Püspökszentlászló has a name that is impossible to pronounce but the cutest little village in the middle of nowhere and an imposing castle that you simply cannot miss when visiting the area.

Villány: A Sip of the South

Green fertile hills, a Mediterranean climate and hot summers; Hungary has all the ingredients to make great wines. And guess what? They do!

Lake Dombay: An idyllic retreat

Lake Dombay is a small lake in the middle of the Mecsek Mountains, surrounded by green hills and sounds of nature.

The Queenly Palace of Gödöllő

There is no need to travel far from the capital to experience a totally different perspective of the country, as just half an hour away you can pay a royal visit to the elegant residence of (among others) the beloved Princess Sisi.

Tapolca: An adventure underground

Tapolca is what I would call a pearl underneath the ground, and if you are looking for an unusual adventure, Tapolca is exactly the right place for you!

Balatonfüred, the Hungarian Riviera

Sun, sea and long avenues to flaunt around and about in your most charming dress, it sounds like a description of any other luxurious beach town. Saint Tropez, Cannes, next in line; Balatonfüred!

Szigliget Castle: Conquer Balaton from above!

If you are looking to experience the Balaton region from the viewpoint of a 13th century king, you are welcome to visit the former residence of King Béla IV.


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