Óbánya, the Hungarian Switzerland

Óbánya is located in the most southern county of Hungary, Baranya, at half an hour driving from Pécs. What makes Óbánya so special, is the fact that is lays in the valley of the Mecsek Mountains, a mountain range that might ring a bell in connection with our previous discovery at Lake Orfű. Óbánya is known as the Hungarian Switzerland, and after visiting, I totally understand why one would make that comparison.

Tihany: It’s all about the lavender

If you ever plan a trip to Lake Balaton, the peninsula Tihany is absolutely a must-visit. Where Balatonfüred is the Saint Tropez of Hungary, Tihany represents the charming Provence. A visit to Tihany is one that will trigger all your senses, as in Tihany, everything rotates around lavender. Cakes, ice-cream, lemonades, giftshops, festivals, decoration; this is lavender heaven! If you are looking for the most adorable town in Hungary, don’t look any further.

Discover Orfű by bike, kayak or sup!

Lake Orfű is the tiny Balaton of the south, situated in the embrace of the green Mecsek mountains. At half an hour from the Mediterranean city Pécs, Orfű is the ideal destination to escape the city life and retreat to nature. Especially in summer time Lake Orfű is popular for diverse reasons, but the beauty of the Mecsek mountains have something special to offer in every season.

Balatonfüred, the Hungarian Riviera

Sun, sea and long avenues to flaunt around and about in your most charming dress, it sounds like a description of any other luxurious beach town. Saint Tropez, Cannes, next in line; Balatonfüred! Now, Lake Balaton is our sea and those luxurious beaches are made of grass, but still, in summer time Balatonfüred is the place to be.


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