Discover Orfű by bike, kayak or sup!

Lake Orfű is the tiny Balaton of the south, situated in the embrace of the green Mecsek mountains. At half an hour from the Mediterranean city Pécs, Orfű is the ideal destination to escape the city life and retreat to nature. Especially in summer time Lake Orfű is popular for diverse reasons, but the beauty of the Mecsek mountains have something special to offer in every season. In the village the life goes by slowly, you see people fishing, sitting on a terrace and simply enjoying life. Whether you like to blow off some steam and mountain bike on the many challenging forest tracks, relax and dive into the water from one of the beaches or rather explore Orfű from the water’s perspective, everything is possible.

Even though people always talk about Lake Orfű as if there is just one, this is not entirely correct. At Orfű there is a total of four lakes, namely Lake Orfű, Lake Pécs, Lake Herman Ottó and Lake Kovácsszénája. All of them have their specialty; Lake Orfű is totally dedicated to swimmers and beach fans. This place is ideal for families with kids, as there is also a playground and a little snack bar available, however you have to pay an entrance fee to get in, and the beach is forbidden for dogs. Lake Pécs is the biggest and most popular of them all, here you can find two bigger beaches, one called Árnyas Part, where you can also find a snack bar, the other one is situated in front of the restaurant Szomjas Vándor. Lake Pécs is the place to be for all kinds of activities, such as swimming, fishing, kayaking, supping and so on. The other two lakes, Lake Herman Ottó and Lake Kovácsszénája, which you can find in an idyllic spot in the middle of the forest, are fishermen lakes, so you are not allowed to swim there.

As I mentioned, Lake Pécs is the place for activities, and the start of those activities is BikeOrFun. This bike and boat rental will offer you everything you will need in order to enjoy the lake to the fullest. Which started off as a small bike rental a few years ago, soon grew up and has now also a big arrangement of kayaks, canoes, rowing boats and sups (Stand Up Paddle) to provide. The owner dedicates his springs, summers and autumns to professionally support these Orfű-related activities, and is always willing to help, whether it is to teach you how to sup, or to recommend a nice biking route. Because of this, it is not a miracle that BikeOrFun is a huge success!

You will find BikeOrFun in the center of the village Orfű, on Széchenyi tér 5-6, next to the Orfű Active Water Tourism Center (Orfű Aktív Víziturisztikai Központ). BikeOrFun provides all the means in order to enjoy the lake, from tools to lockers, nicely organized changing rooms and friendly service, also in English or German. They are opened throughout the summer every day from 9am to 9pm, in spring and autumn during the weekends from 10am to 6pm. For updated information and prices check the Facebook page Kerékpár, Kajak és Sup kölcsönző Orfű – Bike OrFun.

If renting a sup or bike might be a bit too challenging for you, there are plenty of beautiful hiking trails around the lake, where you can hike to one of the many panorama view points. The Mecsek Mountains is a beautiful nature area in Hungary that is definitely worth exploring! If you are looking for a cultural trip at Orfű, you can go to the mill museum (Malommuzeum) and join a tour through the mill, or check out the authentic folk house (Orfűi Tájház és Kemencés Udvar). Isn’t that adventurous enough, then I recommend you to check out one of the many caves in the area of Orfű, and explore Orfű from within. Last but not least, if you are hungry after your adventure at the lakes of Orfű, make sure to stop at the Muskátli Restaurant, where they serve delicious food in a typical Hungarian setting. Orfű is ideal for an one-day trip in any season, but also perfect for a summer holiday, as you can enjoy the water and the charming village Orfű, but also have the big cultural city Pécs on just half an hour driving away. Orfű is also easily reachable by a direct bus from Pécs.

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