The Ultimate 2021 Travel Bucketlist

A new year full of new opportunities! If there is one thing we all agree on, is that we can’t wait to start travelling again this year. This is why I have prepared a travel guide to all the places in Hungary you absolutely cannot miss in 2021!


The capitol isn’t called the Paris of Eastern Europe for no reason, it is one of the all-time best cities of the country, and probably the first destination that pops into your mind when planning a trip to Hungary. It is a vibrant city that you can walk around in endlessly and still will leave you in awe at every corner. The Danube that splits the capitol into two, Buda as the elegant hilly side with Pest as her rebellious younger sister. This city has a million faces and everyone will find their spot here, whether it is underneath a tree at the Margaret Island, partying in the Jewish Quarter, chilling in the Széchenyi Thermal Bath, sniffing up history on the Castle Hill, admiring the crown jewels in the Parliament or enjoying a stroll on the Danube riverbank. Cliché or not, Budapest is a must-visit when you travel to Hungary.


This sunny city in the South East of Hungary you absolutely shouldn’t skip! It is a poetic city packed full of aesthetic architecture and elegant avenues to stroll around,  abundantly green parks and the best coffeehouses to artistically sip a cup of coffee. The place simply bursts with creativity with the river Tisza flowing through her veins. When visiting Szeged, you get to see a whole other perspective of Hungary; the plains, the passion for their local specialty, the fish soup, and their unique dialect (when in Szeged, pronounce it as Szögöd and you’ll blend right in!), the city distinguishes itself as one-of-a-kind.


The Mediterranean city of the South is loveable and will make you feel directly at home. It is beautiful in a modest way, while every crack is painted with the brush of its captivating history. The main square is the lively heart of the city that leads to the many picturesque streets, an entire atmosphere of the old center breathes culture and art. Read here more about this extraordinary city.

Lake Balaton

The largest lake in Central Europe is the place to be in summertime; beaches, culture, wine regions and history all packed in 5000 km2. The Hungarian Riviera in Balatonfüred has everything to offer from a glamorous harbor to a cute historical center. Badacsony and Csopak are the alluring wine hotspots with fancy panoramic wineries, Szigliget and Tapolca the towns to go for some action and adventure. The darling town called Tihany should have a guaranteed spot on your itinerary with its authentic lavender-scented character and cute alleys colored in purple and white, not to forget the unbeatable view on the azure Lake Balaton. Spend a summer at Lake Balaton and you will understand why they are legendary.


Not far away from Lake Balaton, yet worthy to be mentioned on its own, this city surprised me the most in 2020, therefore you absolutely cannot miss it this year! The City of Queens has the most charming old city center paved with history and cobble stones that leads up to the graceful Castle Quarter. Also for foodies this town will amaze you, as it has some great hidden gems. Situated in a favorable district, Veszprém is the perfect base for a trip in the Balaton regions; read here why!

The Danube Bend

Stretching around the belt of the high Pilis mountain range, the valley of the Danube curved a most unique landscape. The Danube-Ipoly National Park is the dream of every hiker and outdoor enthusiast which is topped with the magical three; Szentendre, Esztergom and the Visegrád Castle. Overwhelming panorama’s, courageous castles and charming cities, all the more proof that the region of the Danube Bend is brimming with jewels of any kind!


On your journey through Hungary, you cannot miss the wonders of Hungarian wine. Its taste is rich and its culture indulgent, therefore a “must-taste” that is not to be underestimated! The wine regions bear an important role in the country, both geographically and in spirit as almost every area of the country has its own wines and flavors. If you visit the South, Villány is the excellent choice as here you can savor the dark aromas of the countryside. If this adorable wine village isn’t en route, you could also make a stop at one of the other excelling wineregions such as Badacsony, Tokaj, Hajós and Szekszárd, just to name a few.


Yet another magnificent city on the list, and yet so praiseworthy as the others. Székesfehérvár is an elegant city with a graceful city center and a touch of whimsical. The architecture is exquisite and apart from the beautiful long avenue, it was the small alleys and unexpected pearls around hidden corners that amazed me most. Search for old Kati néni, the lady of the town, the colorful chimes and the creatively crafted signboards, you will know what I mean! Also the spectacular Bory Castle should not be missed, the mansion of love was designed by artist Bory Jenő and definitely one-of-a-kind.

There are so many more beautiful places to visit in Hungary, and this list will probably get many more sequences in the upcoming years, but if this Ultimate 2021 Travel Bucketlist will be the blueprint of your travel itinary for this year, you will be guaranteed of amazing journeys! I wish you all a happy new year in which your backpack will be filled with memories and your hiking boots dusty of all the wonderful paths you will walk this year. Boldog új évet!

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