Hungary’s Guide To Romance

Top 5 Romantic Destinations

A weekend to Paris or Valentine’s Day spent in some luxurious resort abroad might sound nice, but let’s be honest; it’s not the most original idea to surprise your loved one! Instead, why don’t you book a charming trip to Europe’s hidden treasure, and enjoy one of these Top 5 destinations in Hungary’s Guide to Romance together!


Budapest, also known as the Paris of East Europe, is the perfect location for a romantic get-together. An intimate stroll next to the Danube river, followed by drinks at the Jewish Quarter, dinner by candlelight on a cruiseship-restaurant and watching the sunset from Gellért Hill, it is not difficult to get into an amorous vibe in the magnificent capital of Hungary. What do you think about a visit to one of the iconic thermal baths, like the popular Széchenyi Baths, the art nouveau masterpiece Gellért Spa or the Turkish Rudas Baths with rooftop hottub offering a spectacular skyline view. And don’t forget to make a stop at the fairytale Buda Castle District, the most picturesque spot to take some pictures together with the Budapest skyline as beautiful backdrop.

Bory Vár, Székesfehérvár

What else could be a better Valentine’s destination than the Castle of Love itself? Bory Vár, a magnificent building in Székesfehérvár is a 20st century castle designed by Jenő Bory, a talented artist who dedicated this architecture to the love of his life, Ilona. Being both a sculptor and painter himself, Bory considered the building rather as a statue than a house, and sculpted it into an unparalleled work of art. He filled the place with paintings, one even more beautiful than the other, and hundreds of sculptures made with the most varied techniques. Not a single spot on the wall has been left untouched by his brush, and every single corner and niche has been decorated with mosaics, glass paintings and ornamental wells that appear in the most surprising places. The romantic as he was, one of the corner stones of the mansion is the Chapel of Love, dedicated to his wife. How wonderful is it to walk hand in hand through the halls that have been created with love and passion, discovering hidden passages and secret corners together.

Read more about the city Székesfehérvár here.

Hungarian Wine Regions

If art and architecture isn’t really what your love grows fonder, why don’t you book an intimate wine tasting in one of the countless Hungarian wine regions? There is nothing better than to reflect on your life together over a glass of great red wine by candlelight. After all, wine usually results in the best memories; either dancing on the table, or meaningful conversations about life. One of the most idyllic places to share a bottle of wine is on the hills of Lake Balaton, for example in Csopak or Badacsony, surrounded by endless hectares of vineyards and a panoramic view on the lake. If you are searching for something more rustic and cozy, you should set course to the picturesque wine village called Villany, situated in the most Southern wine region of Hungary, close to the Mediterranean city Pécs.

Read more about Villany here.


As love and lavender goes hand in hand, Tihany is definitely on the road to romance. Situated on the Northern side of Lake Balaton on a peninsula, this old town is definitely the cutest of the country. Here everything rotates around lavender; you name it and they have it! Go lavender picking in the fields, have a stroll through the purple and white coloured old town’s centre and visit the beautiful Abbey. Sit down at the coffeehouse Rege to enjoy the magnificent view over Lake Balaton with a lavender ice-cream, lavender lemonade, coffee with lavender cheesecake or if you are in need of some liquid courage; lavender pálinka. Walk on the promenade, go a little crazy on lavender souvenirs and celebrate love with a romantic dinner at Echo Restaurant. A better scented date I couldn’t imagine!

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If you two have a shared passion for history, then the Palace of Gödöllő is the way to go for your romantic rendez-vous. What better backdrop to a chivalrous gesture of true love than this 18th century aristocratic palace? Knights in shining armour and picture-perfect princesses are totally in style here, and it is not hard to imagine that the starry-eyed moments are just around the corner in the Princess Sisi’s private wing, in the elegant, red carpeted hallways or in the gazebo of the royal garden. The Palace of Gödöllő brings you back to the time of courting, waltzing in ballroom gowns, heartfelt poetry and love ballades. Explore the history of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire together, walking in the footsteps of legendary figures and living the royal dream for this one day. Ladies and gentlemen, your carriage awaits!

Read more about Gödöllő here.

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